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This is a new branch of the local famous Japanese noodle restaurant, Shyo Ryu Ken at Kyobashi, Osaka.

There are a business district and downtown area around this place.The theme of this shop is to provide a gathering place for the local community. That’s why its appearance is open to the sideway, not like traditional closed structure.

Inspired by Nagaya (a traditional Japanese tenement house) style, there are different shapes of triangle roofs inside the shop and each table under the roof is looks like a dining room of each customer. Yet one side of the each cell is wide open to the center of the shop and it connects customer with friendly staffs, cooks in the kitchen and other customers.

Where“house within a house” element comes from

There are some building codes on the under a railroad overpass constructions, therefore all the shops tend to look all the same. I wanted to defy the stereotype and tried to pursuit the new-look at this limited environment.




「京橋 昇龍軒」のにぎやかな井戸端の単位が、人や車、自転車が無数に往来するカオスな大阪の下町環境と混ざり合い、この地域全体のにぎやかさが増すよう設計しています。

京橋 昇龍軒

Shyo Ryu Ken,Kyobashi

categories:Japanese Noodle Restaurant

address:1-1-1 Higashinoda-chyo, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, JPN

construction type:Interior and exterior, Totally refurbished

clients:KIHARA Inc.  / CEO Kihara Noboru

total floor area:122.67㎡(in the kicthen 31.49㎡)

architects:STILE. / Ietsugu Ohara

construction:Yaohousing Inc. / Kenji Kogaito

kitchen:Taniko co,ltd. / Shinji Higashi

lighting:Maxray Inc./Hiroyuki Nagatomi

Decorative lighting:flame. / Kenichi Kandatsu

completion date:July 2, 2012

Photograph:Hirokazu Matsuoka

▶ Shyo Ryu Ken, Kyobashi Home Pagehttp://shoryu-ken.com/

2012 JCD Design Award BEST100 Prize(JCD./Japan)

2013 RBD Awards,2012/13 Asia Category Winner  (RBDA/London).

Photograph:Hirokazu Matsuoka


Ramen shop under a railroad overpass.