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Japanese have always had a respect for its nature which shows the different beauty and the harshness in each season. Various tangible and intangible Japanese cultures have created through the ideal way to coexist with nature. “The beauty of imperfection” is one of Japanese traditional values which sometimes called ‘Wabi’ in Japanese. It is, for example, to arrange only a single flower in ‘tokonoma’ alcove and leave the rest of space by design so that the empty space would emphasize the beauty of the arrangement and whole alcove.

Sushi is one of the world-class Japanese cuisines. The true experience of eating sushi includes communicating with a sushi chef over the counter, watching how the dish is prepared and receiving excellent service. When the entire element is beautifully offered, one can truly enjoy sushi.

The main casts at sushi restaurant are chefs, service staffs and the guests and the building itself plays the supporting part. My intention was to create the comfortable space for each main casts based on the idea of “the beauty of imperfection”.

What I actually designed were a plate of glass with no decoration as a building façade and a gently curved wall as a partition bulkhead inside. I used only the minimum elements because I wanted to establish the quiet non-decorated atmosphere and yet to add depth to the space. The simple construction like Shiotsu requires the expert craftsmanship. The skilled craftsmen in Osaka successfully completed the hard tasks by high aim.

Shiotsu will offer the rich time and atmosphere with hospitality through the true experience of eating sushi.





西天満「鮨 しお津」は、“すしをいただくこと”を通して 日本の豊かなもてなしの時をゆっくりと包み込んでいます。


Sushi Shiotsu, Nishitenma

categories:Sushi Restaurant

address:4-12-3 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

construction type:New construction of internal structure and interior

clients:Kouji Shiotsu

total floor area:51.380㎡(in the kicthen 20.747㎡)

architects:STILE. / Ietsugu Ohara

construction:OK Build. / Toshiki Tabuchi

construction officer:OK Build. / Masahiro Izaki

curved wall manufacturing:MASATEC. / Masakazu Sasae

plaster work:HAYASHI SAKANJYO. / Fumiaki Hayashi

painting work:YOSHIMOTO TOSOU. / Takeshi Yoshimoto

electrical facility:NAKAGAWA DENKISETSUBI. / Takashi Nakagawa

lighting:NEW LIGHT POTTERY. / Hiroyuki Nagatomi

original chair:Yagi collection. / Michio Tano

completion date:February 6, 2015

photograph:Matsuoka photo office. / Hirokazu Matsuoka

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2015 JCD Design Award Silver Prize(JCD./Japan)

2016 MICHELIN GUIDE  (The Michelin Guide of France.)


Establish the space by one wall.

Photograph:Hirokazu Matsuoka